System Features

  • Company Intranet Home Page

    The Home page serves as the company connector and gives employees access to everything. This is the home page the user will see once they have logged in. It serves as the gateway to all features and applications included in the system. The layout of the Home promotes immediate visibility to important communication from senior leadership, with the rest of the products and features being intuitively placed in navigation menus that quickly become familiar to any user.

  • Shortcuts

    Located in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page, the Shortcuts section allows users to easily navigate to systems, tools or websites that are necessary for them to effectively perform their jobs. Administrators can conveniently and easily add as many shortcuts as necessary, thereby reducing the back and forth that can waste time. Centrally locating all the necessary external links for employees to perform their jobs increases efficiencies and reduces the hassle associated with moving from one system to another.

  • Favorites

    Located along the left-hand side of the Home page Favorites consists of a listing of the various features available for the user. Users can easily navigate to desired features of the system by simply selecting the name or associated icon of each feature. The Favorite listing is also found as a drop-down when the user hovers over the "Home" menu item in the top tool bar thereby effectively providing the ability to continue navigation to other features without having to return to the Home page.

  • CEO Message

    Prominently placed at the forefront of the home page the CEO Message is used by executives of a company for daily communication with employees. Through this tool executives can inform, inspire, motivate and provide employees with a way to better acquaint themselves with the leaders of the company.

  • Company Discussion Board

    This is the virtual water-cooler. Using this application, any employee can start or participate in a discussion of any topic - work-related or otherwise. Social-like features allow co-workers to show approval with "likes" and/or contribute to the conversation with "comments".

  • Company Idea Board

    This is where innovation takes flight. Using this application, any employee can post ideas to improve the company at any level. Social-like features allow co-workers to show approval with "likes" and/or help develop the idea further with "comments". Ideas with merit can be implemented and recognition given where due.

  • Document Directory

    Create simple folder structures and upload important company documents, templates, forms, etc. for easy access and file sharing among employees. Sensitive documents can be locked down to only select employees with security permissions.

  • Employee Directory

    This application includes individual employee profiles with tagged data fields allowing real-time search capabilities across the directory. Basic profile data includes: picture, name, title, department, manager, location, email, phone, mobile, fax, birthday, and corporate anniversary. Profiles also support tags for received employee recognition and additional workplace responsibilities (i.e., manages employee benefits).

  • Employee Recognition System

    This is an application for businesses to easily implement and manage a successful employee recognition program. Management can configure awards specific to their company, while any employee can nominate co-workers for outstanding performance. Upon manager approval, each employee award is displayed on the Intranet Home for all the company to see, as well as linked to the recipient's profile in the Employee Directory.

  • Action/Next Action System

    This easy-to-use, fully configurable task tracking and assignment workflow system makes team collaboration on any project "duck soup". Once project categories and actions are configured, employees use this application to log current actions completed (along with all associated notes) and then assign appropriate next actions and due dates for themselves or other team members. Notifications alert team members of their assigned actions daily to ensure projects stay on schedule.

  • Phone Message System

    Throw out those little phone message papers and post-it note reminders. This application allows employees taking incoming phone calls to log all messages into a tracking system, which notifies the intended recipient of the received caller name, phone number, and message details. Messages are conveniently placed into the recipient's daily action queue as a reminder to return incoming calls.

  • Help Ticket Systems

    Whether it's a trouble ticket, support ticket, incident ticket or management request, this all-encompassing Help Ticket System manages and maintains lists of employee-submitted issues, and routes them through appropriate resolution procedures as configured by the company.

  • Time Off Request System

    Application allowing employees to submit, and managers to approve, requests for time off.

  • Job Openings and Application Submissions

    Easily manage all internal job postings. Managers with designated permissions can post job positions and descriptions, while employees can view all open positions and quickly submit their name and resume for consideration. Submissions are placed into a queue for the appropriate manager to review and schedule interviews, as appropriate.

  • Company Store

    This application allows a business to display and sell its own products to employees at a discounted rate, as well as other company-branded merchandise created just for employees - such as shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, stickers, etc. This is a fun way for employees to display pride in working for a great company.

  • Message to CEO

    To further facilitate communication and provide users with an avenue through which they can reach the CEO of the company the Message to CEO feature is provided to all users. This is a simple form that can be filled-out and submitted so that the sender's name is included or it can be anonymous.

  • Article

    Located directly underneath the CEO Message, the Article provides management with another prominently placed section on the Home page to communicate with employees. For example, this could be used to provide industry-related news, updates on corporate wellness, or company policy changes. In short the Article section of the Home page can be used for whatever purpose the company deems fit.

  • Spotlight

    Located directly underneath the Shortcuts, the Spotlight is an integral part of any corporate culture. The Spotlight section will cycle through the Employee Spotlight that has been entered, any awards that have been received by employees and the current birthdays and anniversaries. Highlighting employees and their accomplishments is critical to creating positive environment in which employees thrive and find satisfaction in their jobs.

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries

    Birthdays and hire-date anniversaries are prominently displayed on the Intranet Home so that employees and management can recognize co-workers on these important dates and milestones.

  • Values

    Located at the very top of the screen a list of the company Values is displayed for all employees to see on a daily basis. Purposefully the space provided is only as wide as the screen to encourage companies to be concise and specific with their values so that employees can easily remember them. A company's values will reflect the expected interaction internally between employees and the interaction externally with customers and vendors.

  • Mission and Vision

    This feature enables businesses to prominently display its mission statement and vision statement for employees to see daily on the Home page. A company's mission statement should state what the company does and the vision statement should state why the company is doing it. Together, these components help shape the corporate culture and serve as a guidepost for employees to understand their role and expected behavior in the overall organizational strategy.