About Us

  • History

    Duck Soup Systems was founded by individuals who experienced first-hand how rapid employee growth can change a company culture. Culture can run rampant and lead to issues with employee morale and productivity, and even more importantly, employee retention. We realized quickly that culture, for good or for bad, was being created whether the executive leadership was participating in it or not. In fact, sometimes multiple cultures were created across departments or locations and were completely unaligned with the company's core values, mission, and vision.

    By utilizing technology and tools to facilitate consistent communication from management, and also to empower and enable employee communication within the organization, we were able to create positive work environments, to reign in the rumor mill, and experience accelerated company top-line growth while reducing employee costs. We quickly realized that actively managing and building company culture was the key to sustained success.

    This platform was created to provide an easy-to-implement solution to help the day-to-day management of a company, including company culture. We wanted to provide a way for any company to have the same concepts and tools that helped us succeed, but without having to use valuable software developers and other IT resources to build and manage them. You CAN maintain and build your culture with the proper tools in place, even with growth and expansion into multiple locations. The following is a description of the tools and applications available on the platform, including more that will be available in the future. Existing applications can also be easily integrated into the Duck Soup Systems platform.